To be able to run the parties, all participants need to be members. A membership gives you information in advance about parties, invitations to special arrangements and the right to enter Fetish People Party. Dress code is compulsory, as usual. The membership registry is confidential. We will never hand over addresses or personal information to other persons and we will never sell information from the registry.

To come to our parties you have to ….
1. be a member in the Club Fetish People Party and
2. sign up for the party you are visiting.

1. To apply for membership – do like this:
Go to “New member” in the menu. Fill in the fields as follows:
Date of birth (in this order: YEAR, MONTH, DAY, e.g. 1975 03 22)
First name
City and country
Occupation (not mandatory)
Other – If you want, write something about yourself and your fetish interests (not mandatory)
Password (select a password)
Repeat the password
Press “Spara” (Save)

After 1–3 days you will get a reply from us and you will be able to login under “Memberlogin”.

2. To sign up for a party – do like this:

When you have a membership in FPP you will be able sign up for the party you would like to go to. Go to “Sign up” in the menu. Write your e-mail and password and press “Anmälan”. You are now signed up for the party and will get a reply mail from us with information about the location of the party. Please contact us at if you need an explanation of the location information.