Our club
Fetish People Party Gothenburg, Sweden is not an ordinary club. We are instead a bunch of people that are into fetish and who enjoy meeting others with the same interests. And there is room for more people! All are welcome and there is no fetish interest that is forbidden, as long as it complies with the Swedish Law.

Our parties
Each month (normally the last Friday or Saturday of the month) we arrange parties. If you haven’t visited Fetish People Party, you have really missed something beyond the usual! Around 200–250 persons turn up each time, dressed in fancy fetish clothes. These are people that like to be seen in extravagant clothes, such as PVC, leather, rubber, lingerie, body paint, S/M-attire, piercing, etc. There is a strict dress code at our parties (see Dress code). Our parties are normally held the last Friday or Saturday of each month. For information about dates, please see the main page or contact us at info@fetishpeople.org.

All are welcome and there is no fetish interest that is forbidden, as long as it complies with the Swedish Law. The audience is mostly hetero or bisexual. There are some gay people in the audience as well, but they are a minority. As already said, all fetishes are welcome and will be respected. This is something that we take seriously – no-one must be criticized because of their dispositions and feelings. This also means that you have to accept the fetish of everyone else, otherwise you don’t fit in.

The management who is running the parties is doing this purely from idealistic reasons and we do not make any money from the parties. This means that our attitude can be more serious and the entrance fees can be kept on a moderate level.

To come to our parties you have to be a member in the Club Fetish People Party and sign up for the party you are visiting. Please, see “Membership” in the menu for information about this.

Other arrangements
We also make other arrangements for our members, such as trips to parties in other parts of Europe. We have a well-equipped fetish workshop, where you can make your own fetish outfit and accessories. Every summer we arrange BDSM- and fetish events/camps in our camp centre in the beautiful Swedish archipelago.


Welcome to fetish experiences with lots of PVC, leather and rubber. And lots more…..  : )

Dare to be seen!!