Dress code
There is a strict dress code at our parties – no-one is let in, if they wear ordinary clothes. By strictly adhering to the dress code, we can attract another audience than for ”normal” disco parties. No exceptions from the dress code are allowed, everyone has to follow the dress code to get in.

What do we mean by "Dress code"?
Dress code means that all participants should be dressed in the theme style, in this case fetish.

This can mean materials or themes such as PVC, leather, rubber, lace/special lingerie, certain uniforms, tattoos, piercing, body painting, transvestism, high heels, corsets, mohair, metal clothing/equipment or theme clothes. Such themes can consist of clothes from the 1800:th century, historical uniforms or materials that are exotic e.g. plastic wrapping, foil, chain, tinsels, etc.

We assume that the audience that attends the parties has a fetish disposition or are curious when it comes to eccentric clothing. We also assume that you have the necessary acceptance for the sexual disposition of others and that you treat everyone else with respect. You should not come to parties just to look at other people, but instead to contribute to the atmosphere.

We will not accept people wearing ordinary:
Underpants, t-shirts, shirts, jeans, ordinary leather jackets, ”the little black evening dress”, standard field uniforms or other ordinary non-erotic clothes. If you are only wearing leather pants as your fetish, we are not likely to let you in – it depends on the rest of your clothing. Also, if it is obvious that you’re only in for watching or has not understood the idea behind the party, you will not be let in. Attending a party is not a right, it is a privilege that has to be earned!

Fetish does not mean that you need to buy expensive clothes or be completely naked. Use your imagination instead. You can of course also leave a part to the imagination of the people around you as well...  If you have questions what to wear, don’t hesitate to ask beforehand (info@fetishpeople.org). At the entrance there will be no discussions, only our judging.